Factors To Consider When Buying A BBQ Table Grill

Factors To Consider When Buying A BBQ Table Grill

Do you love outdoor parties and picnic with family and friends? Outdoor events are obviously very phenomenal and adorable. Sometimes you have had to carry meals due to lack of outdoor cooking solutions. It is a great experience having outdoor cooking moments with friends and family. The korean bbq table is among the best grilling solutions you have in order to enjoy your indoor and outdoor kitchen services. In this article we will look at some of the factors you need to consider before buying a bbq table grill.

What you need to consider before buying bbq table grill

There are a variety of features you need to give keen attention to regarding bbq table grills before purchase. Some of these features include;

Heating medium

Bbq table grill are available in two categories; charcoal and gas heating medium. Each type has its significant preferences from the buyers as far as flavours are concerned. However, as far as cost of gas and charcoal is concerned, Charcoal remains cheaper than gas. Charcoal emits more smoke than gas though it’s a preference to some.


Which is convenient for you? This aspect can be guided by the purpose upon purchase. If you intend to acquire one for a small family picnic, you do not really deserve a gigantic BBQ grill. However, if it is purposed for a big event such as weddings and company staff parties, you will need a big size bbq to handle your population grill needs. Size also influences cost; a bigger bbq grill is likely to be more costly to a small size bbq grill.

British thermal units (BTUs)

You should be conscious of the temperature capacity of the bbq table grills. Are the BTUs able to cook your meals? Have your temperatures controlled through the right number of BTUs.


Bbq grills are available in variety of materials such as aluminium, stainless-steal among others. The material is very significant because it determines the functionality and maintenance of the grill table. Stainless-steel always stands out due to rust resistance hence durable. This is opposed to other materials such as aluminium.

Burners and grates

The burners and grates play a great role in the bbq grilling. Are they able to hold enough heat to cook your meals? The stainless-steal burners remain significant as they conduct and retain heat to adequately cook the food. In addition, they are easy to clean and thus easy to maintain.

Strong stands and handles

The grill stands you prefer should be guided by the purpose and place of use. A home grill may not need long stands because it can be placed on surfaces. An outdoor grill requires long and very stable stands that are able to withstand extreme conditions. Stands are available in different shapes mostly influenced by the shape of the grill. Strong stands reduce cooking accidents. Strong handles are also important when moving the grills from one place to another.


There are many factors to consider before buying a bbq grill table, those are just a few. However, they are key to making an informed purchase.